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How to Use Binance Exchange: Step-by-Step Complete Guide

Binance is a global crypto currency exchange providing a complete platform to trading for many crypto currencies. The main aim to develop Binance is to build a trading system and member of block chain info wallet team. It is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platform to trade with different types of leading cryptocurrency like Bitcoin etc.

Binance Exchange is one of the largest crypto customer care and exchange by trade volume and fastest in the world. Binance info is an open and objective information aggregation platform where anyone can contribute. Binance Labs is an infrastructure impact fund, and an initiative to incubate, invest in and empower block chain projects.

To trade through Binance exchange you need to get the entire knowledge of performing the various actions like creating an account, authentication and how to use wallet or deposit and withdraw the money from this wallet to your bank account. So, find here the stepwise guidance to learn all the necessary actions to trade on Binance exchange,.  

Steps to Register and Login into Binance:

From Binance Account Registration to signing in, setting up 2FA, to know how to use Binance wallet, you can find everything here with stepwise guidance.  

Step 1: First of all click on the Register Menu Option.

Step 2: Now fill the required details like email, Password and optional referrer ID.

Step 3: Filling here the details, including appearing captcha and verify the email address.

Step 4: Now there comes a message “Your account is activated, login to trade. Login”.

Step 5: Here It’s important to bookmark main page, to avoid any issues or error, save the link.

Note: Binance is an anonymous exchange, ensures secure data and no other verification for trading.

Step 6: Now using your email address and password you can login into your Binance account.

Note: If you are logging in for the first time: Binance displays a security advisory. Where there is information related to securely using this platform. Make sure you read this information carefully. Tick all check boxes to confirm.

Enable 2 Step Verification in Blockchain

How to Set Up 2fa On Binance?

Trading in cryptocurrency is one of the riskiest process just like other financial transactions. So, to make such transactions more secured most of the financial websites are using the two-factor authentication or 2FA to provide an extra layer of security to users account.

It is not mandatory to enable the 2FA on your Binance account but it is highly recommended, as crypto changes are highly targeted by the hackers, phishers, and cyber criminals. So, you must know how to enable or setup 2FA on your Binance account, stepwise guidance given below.

Steps to Set 2FA on Binance:

Actually, from the security perspective Binance prompts to authenticate your account by SMS or Google authentication. Setting up 2FA is it requires password and one time authentication code generated by 2FA method, to login.

Step 1: 2FA includes SMS authentication.

Step 2: Appears option to select your country, Enter the mobile number.

Step 3: Now Click on the Submit Button.

Step 4: Here you can wait for the SMS to arrive.

Step 5: Now enter the authentication code for verification.

Steps to Use Google Authenticator

Step 1: First of download Google authenticator application called WinAuth Install or similar to this.

Step 2: Now scan the QR Code or enter the secret key in your authentication app.

Step 3: Click on the next step, prompts to write the secret authentication key.

Note: Resetting a key can take a week, make sure you remember it and have backup of authentication key.

Step 4: In This step, Binance will ask you enter 6 digit code generated by your authenticator, each code is valid only for few minutes.

Step 5: Now, Enter the authorization key, which you have generated .

Step 6: Binance will now take you to your profile , where 2FA activity is seen on the right of your screen.

Step 7: Now disable 2FA requires, requires a 6 digit code as usual.


How to Use Binance Wallet?

Binance is assigning a virtual wallet associated to your Binance account in which to hold your funds. Technical definition of wallet is – It is the collection of individual block chain addresses – one of each asset and currency, maintained by exchange. So, below here you can find how to operate your Binance wallet including how to withdraw or deposit money into your wallet.

Steps Necessary to Operate Your Binance Wallet:  

Step 1: First of all select the fund Menu tab and click on balances.

Step 2: Now here Binance displays list of coins and balances.

Step 3: Finally mark hide small assets checkbox: this will filter out everything with an equal or balance of less than 0.001BTC.

Following these steps you can create an account on Binance exchange, with guidance to enable the 2fa security level and how to operate your Binance wallet. And similarly you can click here to know How to Deposit Funds into Your Binance Account. However, meanwhile if you face any kind of technical problem while using your Binance account you can immediately call at Binance support number freely available to help you online. Our experts will help you to resolve any kind of technical problem with complete safety and privacy.    

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