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How to Transfer Bitcoin to Blockchain Wallet?

There are several methods to transfer bitcoin to block chain wallet and the methods used to complete these procedures are very simple. But while performing any of the procedure you must be very careful as one wrong step may lead to serious error in your blockchain wallet and then user have read troubleshooting steps to fix blockchain wallet errors.

But if you are facing wallet not working issue then you are required to read the blog How to Fix Blockchain Wallet Not Working Issue and follow step by step all the instructions provided by the experts to troubleshoot the problem. However these kind of errors can easily be fixed by clearing temporary memory, cookies, cache etc but if you are not able to fix the error you need the given blog. And to fix issues you are facing while transferring bitcoin to block chain read steps below carefully.

blockchain wallet support

Steps to transfer Bitcoin to Blockchain Wallet

Step 1: Open crypto currency platform and press send button.
Step 2: Now select bitcoin from the dropdown currency menu.
Step 3: Check if you have more than one wallet is activated. If yes then select sub wallet from the drop down menu of the added wallets.
Step 4: Now either scan the QR code of the receiver or enter the recipient address in to’s field section.
Step 5: Type the amount and write description for your future reference.
Step 6: Now from the transaction fees drop down select the priority from the list. Regular fee are lower and according to priority the fee will increase. Minimum time to complete the transaction at highest fee is one hour.
Step 7: Now review all the details entered by you and click on continue.
Step 8: Once verified click on send bitcoin button or if there is an error you can edit or cancel the transaction by pressing cross button.
Step 9: Now in your wallet you can click on bitcoin tab on the left side and monitor the incoming and outgoing transaction.

Call Bitcoin support phone number toll free to transfer bitcoin to blockchain wallet

If after following the complete procedure you are not able to transfer bitcoin to blockchain wallet and you need support you are required to contact Bitcoin support phone number. To get connected with certified team of professionals working round the clock dial toll free number to get instant assistance.

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