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How to Withdraw Fiat Currency from Binance?

Binance is one of the most popular and preferred exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency with most advance trading platform for investing into the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And invest in these cryptocurrencies you can use your country’s fiat currency depending the value of currency.

You can transfer these fiat currency into your crypto exchange account to use for buying the different types of cryptocurrencies from Binance. Currently Binance exchange is supporting more than 60 fiat currencies and multiple different payment methods.

Just like money transfer you can transfer the fiat currency into your Binance account and vice versa. You can use your debit card, net banking and other modes of online payment to transfer money from bank account to Binance. But withdrawing the withdraw Fiat Currency from Binance is little more tricker. So here we have well-explained how to withdraw fiat currency from Binance successfully.

Withdraw Fiat Currency from Binance

Steps to withdraw Fiat Currency from Binance:

Step 1: First of login into your Binance account.

Step 2: After logged in, navigate your mouse to [Wallet], and click on [Fiat and Spot].

Step 3: Here you see [Withdraw], just click on this option.

Step 4: Once you click on withdraw, you need to select the [Fiat] tab.

Step 5: Now select the fiat currency you’d like to withdraw and the payment method.

Note: The payment method options are based on your selected currency and region.

Step 6: Here just enter the required details and follow the instructions.

Step 7: Now enter your verification code to confirm the withdrawal.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount and Fees on Binance

There is withdrawal limit for each cryptocurrency and you cannot withdraw less than the stated amount on the withdrawal page. And to know the minimum amounts and withdrawal fees on fiat currency on Binance you can heck the complete list here Deposit & Withdrawal Fees.

While on the other hand, each Blockchain has its own fee schedule, so your crypto withdrawal fees will be differ from coin to coin. And fees are also dynamic and change depending on network activity. The best and most accurate way to check withdrawal fees is to go to the withdrawal page itself.

Call Binance Customer Service Number for Help

The process of withdrawing the Fiat currency takes different amounts of time to confirm your transaction depending on the Blockchain technology. Bitcoin (BTC) can take around ten to 30 minutes to successfully confirm a withdrawal. While Binance Smart Chain withdrawals often take just a few minutes, whereas Ethereum can take slightly longer than both of these. The more congested the Blockchain network with transaction traffic, the longer the time will take place to complete the process. However if you face any kind of problem just dial Binance customer support number and get online help. These crypto experts will help you to resolve the cryptocurrency related problems on Binance exchange.