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How to Create Bank Order from my Blockchain Wallet?

Do you know you can use Blockchain wallet to create a bank order and use this for making payments. However, for that you need to verify your account with certain document to authenticate your profile. Blockchain wallet is used to make payments for cyrptocurrency trading and transfer the money to any other account.

Actually, creating bank order is not difficult, instead you need to get verified the account avoid any kind of technical barrier and process the transaction. To complete this action you need to follow the step-by-step process discussed here with complete guidance and online Blockchain customer care assistance to help you for solving the Blockchain issues.

blockchain wallet support

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Steps to Create Bank Order from Your Blockchain Wallet:

Step 1: First of Login into your blockchain account.

Step 2: Now select the currency you want to buy in and enter your amount.

Note: the bank transfer must be made in the currency you select here.

Step 3: Here you need to choose ‘Bank Transfer’ as the payment method.

Step 4: Now you will see a screen showing your details of your bank order.

Step 5: You just need to click and accept the terms and continue.

Step 6: Now the last screen will show you the final details of your order.

Note: The details included here will be bank account to which you have to send money – please read this information carefully.

Step 7: Now you will also receive an email which contains the same important information which you have been presented above.

Step 8: Here You can check your order your ‘Order history’ and its status will remain as ‘Awaiting payment’ until we have processed the order.

Step 9: Once the order is processed, the status will change to ‘Purchased’ and you will receive an email notification.

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If you manage to create bank order from my blockchain wallet you can use your wallet money to make the payments through this mode. However, if there is any problem or while creating the bank order you are facing a problem or you need help you can call at Blockchain customer care number and solve this problem by experts. The experts here will also help you solve Blockchain related various other problems.

How to Get Online Help for Blockchain Issues?

Solving the Blockchain related issues is not only challenging but also risky and time taking. So, our experts are available right here to help you remotely for solving the different types of technical issues affecting the trading experience through Blockchain. And here you can also get online help for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency related various issues with complete safety and precautions.

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